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Get your Green Card via EB-1A without a PhD and research background

Rufei Wang

As someone without a PhD Degree or research background, I never thought I would be qualified for EB1A visa. I was initially turned away by many attorneys deeming that my profile was too weak, but I made my way and successfully got my EB1A approved at the end.

While going through my own EB-1A journey, I have overcome many obstacles and learned so much along the way. Now I’m inspired to help others facing similar challenges achieve the same level of success. This is a program I wish had existed when I applied to EB1A.

Why join the coaching program?

This is a program that I wish had existed when I applied my EB1

  • Streamlined Information: I'll provide clear and concise information about the EB1 visa criteria, categories, and application process, saving your time from researching and navigating them on your own.
  • Focused Guidance: I'll offer focused guidance on identifying strengths and areas for improvement in your professional profile, streamlining the process of enhancing your credentials for the EB1 visa application.
  • Efficient Action Plans: I'll help to develop efficient action plans with specific tasks and timelines for profile enhancement, eliminating guesswork and helping you prioritize their efforts effectively.
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls: I'll educate you about common pitfalls and challenges in the EB1 visa application process, saving you time from potential mistakes and delays.
  • Press Coverage: I'll support you with strategies and connections to garner press coverage that highlights your achievements and contributions, enhancing your profile and bolstering your EB1 visa application.
  • Resources for DIY/Attorney: I'll provide guidance and resources for DIY filing or help you select the right immigration attorney, streamlining the process of finding a qualified professional who can effectively navigate the EB1 visa application process.
  • Career Advancement: By helping you enhance your professional profiles for the EB1 visa application, the coaching also sets you on a path toward long-term career advancement opportunities, potentially leading to higher-paying roles, promotions, etc.

What's included?

  • Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Engage in 12 weekly 1-hour private sessions. Receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs.
  • Personalized Strategy: Develop a customized strategy and action plan to optimize your EB1 visa application.
  • Profile Enhancement Support: Receive guidance on optimizing your resume, and finding opportunities for judging, awards, and other criteria to build your EB1 visa application.
  • Press Coverage Support: Get support and connections for guaranteed press coverage to highlight your contributions and increase your chance of EB1 visa approval.
  • Resource Library: Utilize ready-to-use worksheets, sample letters, templates, and more for efficient application preparation. Access a comprehensive library covering EB1 criteria, the latest updates, case studies, and relevant articles.
  • Notion Workspace: Benefit from exclusive access to a dedicated workspace with the latest EB-1A resources and worksheet.
  • Extended Access: Enjoy continued access to resources and support until you achieve your EB-1A visa.


"This is such a valuable program that you don’t want to miss! Rufei’s guidance has given me so much confidence and clarity to navigate EB-1 effectively. Thanks to her brilliant strategies, I’ve achieved significant milestones, including a prestigious industry award. She has a lot of knowledge and actionable insights to get the EB-1 visa and I can’t recommend Rufei enough!"

- Devanshi

"Rufei has been an invaluable guide as I am working through my EB1 process, providing comprehensive support and expertise. Her detailed explanations and personal anecdotes shared during our calls have clarified the process, while her insightful advice has helped me tailor my case to meet the most relevant criteria. With Rufei's assistance, I feel confident in building a strong foundation for my application."

- Jagan

"Rufei is a great mentor. The best part of working with Rufei is the positive energy and enthusiasm she brings to the table–she truly cares in helping you grow and instills a lot of clarity and confidence!"

- Prachi

"Rufei possesses a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts into manageable, understandable parts…Her keen eye for identifying areas needing improvement and her actionable, strategic advice consistently lead to tangible progress among her students"

- Jaeyu

"Super helpful! Rufei shared great media resources and gave advice on strategies for leveraging media coverage for my green card application."

- Lulu

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